My purpose in photography is to take beautiful portraits of girls and women. 

In my work, I use a certain theme, a certain concept, and if I can connect a story to it then I will.

For my models it is something different than mainstream photography, a time to play dress up, with beautiful clothes I have in my studio, the use of all kinds of accessories and just to play within the story I create.

Sometimes, it is more about making them feel beautiful, trying to make them see their own self-worth. 

We are all on a journey, I am still discovering mine. It is what makes life interesting, realizing that we are all unique but still connected somehow.

If I will meet you during my journey, I believe that this is meant to be. Join me in my studio for a dream session where I can create a beautiful portrait of you, or of anyone else suiting that certain concept I am looking for. 

You are welcome to contact me for more information, or just follow me in my FB for any model calls.

Till we will meet!

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