About me

Erika N. Tal-Shir is an artist and founder of Beam Collective and a fine art and portrait photographer.


Erika was born in 1966 in Belgium and immigrated to Israel in 1994.

Throughout her life, she has always explored different kinds of creative outlets, including music, writing, and painting.

Since a few years, she found that the camera gives her the maximum possibility to create her own vision within her world of imagination, often rising from the need to keep innocence, faith, and beauty alive, but also exploring those same aspects.

After finishing her photography studies in Studio Gavra Tel Aviv, she continued to study with internationally recognized photographers like Tracy Willis (UK), Sue Bryce (USA), Paulina Duczman (UK),  as well with Alexandra Lord (UK), and Barbara Cardinale MacFerrin (US). Added to this she is continually educating herself through numerous platforms of photography and online education.


She is an active member of SWPP, WPE, MPA, Oneeyland, and The Portrait Masters. She has received multiple bronze merits and has recently received 1 gold merit from SWPP, 4 silver merits from TPM, 1 silver from WPE, 1 silver from Oneeyland, Finalist of Oneeyland in the World Fine Art Photography category with her first golden X award, and 2 silvers from Cosmos.  She recently reached the Associate Level of the Portrait Masters, SBE, and is working towards achieving her Master Level.

Her work has been published in the September issue 2020 of Lens Magazine, in the October issue 2020 of Shutter Magazine and in the October issue 2020 of Beyond Words Literary Magazine.

Her work has been featured on various network platforms through Instagram.


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